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Due to temperature or resource constraints, providing high-quality natural grass fields in some areas of the globe is challenging or unattainable. As a result, artificial turf can be used to construct a surface for secure and efficient play in a variety of sports. We at Redwood City California provide the solution for the same. Schools, recreational areas, communities, sports groups, and professional contests are growing favouring artificial grass grounds that simulate the playing characteristics of prime real grass.

Artificial turf for rugby

It is extremely prudent to choose artificial grass for your rugby field. Artificial grass pitches allow for more rugby to be played than native grass pitches and are a better surface. Player safety is a must, not a choice, and a World Rugby-tested field ensures it. We keep pushing forward on fake grass research and development in order to provide high-quality artificial grass fields. As a World Rugby Preferred Turf Producer, we guarantee that every field fulfils stringent testing standards and that the safety of the players is never affected.

Artificial grass for golf course

Artificial grass can be placed almost anywhere, regardless of the size of your space. A putting green is an excellent method to add visual appeal to a home or business. Today’s golf courses are a prime illustration. We are the finest solution provider for high-quality artificial golf course grass in Redwood City, California.

Artificial grass for baseball & softball

Baseball and softball are both played on a field that has a diamond, which encompasses three bases and a plate. Artificial turf can be used for professional baseball competitions, practices, or training camps. It provides athlete comfort as well as the additional benefit of minimal maintenance costs, making it popular among many professional teams.

Artificial turf for American football

Few games have had the same effect on the playing field as American football. Artificial grass is now a more robust and resilient playing surface for American football, giving players with a secure and visually appealing ground.

Artificial grass for multi-sport

A multipurpose artificial turf field is a useful and secure choice. Our multi-sports grass systems have been used by a large number of schools, towns, and private groups over the years because they optimise function while minimising expense.

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